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Confidentiality of Library Records


The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of speech with the corresponding right to hear what is spoken and read what is written without fear of government intrusion, intimidation or reprisal.

Oregon State Law recognized the Crook County Library as a public body subject to the Public Records Law. However ORS 192.502.22 provides the following exemption from disclosure of library public records:

The records of a library including circulation records, showing use of specific library materials by a named person or consisting of the name of a library patron together with the address or phone number, or both, of the patron.  

Purpose of Policy

To protect each individual’s privacy in use of library services, the Crook County Library has adopted the following policy regarding the confidentiality of records of registered library patrons:

User records of the Crook County Library showing 1) use of specific library materials consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted, by a named person; or 2) consisting of the name of a library patron together with the person’s address or telephone number, or both, are exempt from disclosure.

These records include, but are not limited to:

  • Circulation records
  • Borrower registration records
  • Records created to facilitate access to and/or use of library information, materials and services including, but not limited to, computer sign up sheets, meeting room contracts and interlibrary loan records
  • All other records related to library patronage
The Crook County Library reserves the right to use library records for administrative purposes, such as recovering overdue materials, payment for lost items, customer surveys or other administrative mailings.

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